Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall Bag

Sorry the picture is so dark. Photography is not my thing. I like it when there is a sunny day to take the picture outside, the lighting is better on a nice day. It's been gray and rainy here for the last week. The forecast is for more of the I'll do my best to get a decent picture.

I made this bag in one day using 2 charm packs from Moda's Serendipity by Sandy Gervais. The fabric colours are rich browns, rust, green, purple and beige. This will make a really nice fall bag to carry my stitchery or punchneedle projects to meeting. The pattern is from This & That called Flower Patch, I didn't add the applique flower to the front, I didn't think the bag needed it. If you haven't tried this line of patterns I would really recommend them. Her instructions are easy and straight forward, I found this bag easy to make....and ladies there is no zipper. This bag will be a store sample before I can use it for my goodies.

Darlene tagged me to tell 4 things about here we go.

4 jobs I've had
Executive Assistant

4 films I could watch over and over
Little Women
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Sleepless in Seattle
When Harry Met Sally

4 TV shows I watch
CSI Las Vegas
I don't watch much TV

4 Favorite foods
Homemade Soups
Beef Veggie Stew
Spinach Salad

4 Favorite colors

4 Places I would love to be right now
Sunny beach
White sand beach
Lounging on a sunny beach
Snorkeling at a tropical beach

4 Names I love but would/could not use on my children
Rae (my middle name)
Jenny (my cats name)
Jade (didn't hear this name until recently)

4 People I'd love to Tag

That's all I have for today.
Have a great weekend.


Darlene said...

The bag is adorable - I love it!

It's nice to know more about you. :-)

mar said...

very cute bag, and intersting personal info, loved "Little Women" also, any version!

Linda said...

Gorgeous bag, love the colours and I just happened to do the meme on this mornings post.

Screen Door said...

I love the bag--- too cute...It's great seeing the things charm packs can make.

Screen Door said...
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Angela said...

Love the bag. A great size for everything.

Suzan said...

Really pretty bag...and I love the prairie point trim!

Quilt Nut said...

very cute!

Susan said...

Fabulous bag! I love it. You make the cutest things.

Knot Garden said...

Love the bag, I think those fabrics are perfect for the season! Thanks for posting the link, I'm going to check out that site.

Rose said...

Wendy this bag is gorgeous, love the Moda fabrics!!! Im with u and TV.....i dont watch much but i wont miss Survivor!!! lol

Bren said...

I love that bag. And no zip...I will have to check out the pattern. It definitely does not need an applique flower.

Carole said...

What an adorable bag! Sweet! thanks for sharing!

Sweet P said...

I love This n That patterns. I have a couple of them and have made a few bags from them. Your bag is adorable. That is one pattern I don't have.

swooze said...

Nice bag!

Nan said...

The bag is very cute - I really like your color choices.
Interesting personal info - thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Oh a very fun fall bag indeed! Very cute!

Libby said...

Oh those Ya Ya's - I loved reading the book, too *s*

Nicole said...

What a perfect fall bag!
I enjoyed your MeMe too!