Monday, March 26, 2007

Gift for a Friend

My girlfriend had an emergency operation last week to take out her gallbladder. She had a really hard time before the doctors figured out what the problem was. But good news...she is now on her way to recovery and feeling much better. I made this sewing pouch from Twelve22 tutorial, I hope it will cheer her up. The pouch is just the right size for carrying thread and small snips. It was fun and easy to make and just about the easiest zipper I've ever done, Anna's method is wonderful. Give it a try.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Burst My Bubble

Well the bathroom is still NOT functional. The plumber came yesterday to install all the faucets and found a part missing to complete the tub hook up...#1 Problem. The wrong toilet was ordered, so he showed up WITHOUT a toilet...#2 Problem. It was very disappointing to not have a functioning bathroom. I've been waiting for a very long time and it's so close, I know I shouldn't complain. On the brighter side the sink is working....I have running water in the sink. I can brush my teeth. He is coming back this morning to finish things, I hope he arrives with the correct part and a toilet. I was so excited yesterday but I just want it done NOW.

I needed a distraction from my disappointment so I sewed...sewed...and sewed all day until this top was done. The LQS owner asked if I had time to make this quilt, I said "no" but I needed something to take my mind off my disappointment and this quilt was waiting and ready to go. It will be displayed as a top this weekend at the Sewing and Craft Show and quilted later. The fabrics are from the Sanctuary line.

Waiting for spring...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bathroom is almost DONE...yippee


Well it's been 3 1/2 loooong months of renovations to our main bathroom. The only other bathroom in the house is in the basement...long way to the toilet at 2am. Tomorrow the plumbing is to be completed. Here are some before and after pictures. The before pictures show a very out of date room. You can see in the after pictures there is NO faucets or toilet yet...but SOON. This is the first time I've been through renovations, I'm so looking forward to getting my house back and not having people coming in anytime. It's been a struggle for me to get any sewing done with all the dust, hammering, drilling and people coming in and out. My sewing room is right next to the bathroom and I wasn't comfortable sewing while they've been working. As you can see from the before and after picture it's quiet a BIG change. The whole room had been gutted including the walls, floor and the window was replace with a new one. I'm so happy with how it's turned out, I can hardly wait to start using it FINALLY.


What a huge transformation. I wanted it to be "spa like". I think the room will be very relaxing to have long baths.

I found is really cute book of stitchery and just HAD to have it. I'm very excited about trying some of the little designs. And boy was it ever a good price on Amazon, I think the regular price was $24. and I snagged it for $12.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oldest UFO and BOM #2

What is my oldest UFO?
Well here it is...the top is so big I couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture. Only half the quilt top is showing. The border is in yellow. Now that I see it in the picture, I'm not sure if I still like the yellow. Oh well....

How old and why did it become a UFO?
This quilt top is from 1997. I remember being very excited about making it. I think the reason for not finishing it was my taste in colour, design etc had changed and it wasn't a priority anymore. I don't know if I have the name correct and I'm too lazy right now to look it up but I believe it's called "Garden Trellis".

When do you plan to finish it?

Originally I was planning to have this quilt to put in a guest room but that room never happened so the quilt never happened either. I have no plans at the moment to finish this quilt but I will hang on to it awhile longer (don't know why???). I have a couple other UFO's which I have not attachment to and plan to give for charity quilts to the local guild.

How many UFOs do you have?
I have six UFO's waiting for quilting which includes the Garden Trellis. Three of them are lap quilt tops which I will give away to charity for someone else at the guild to finish and one is completely appliqued with flowers, cats, birdhouses etc in pastel colours which I did in 2001 (I will definitely keep and quilt one day SOON!) The last one is a basket block quilt which I pieced last year and will machine quilt.

I've finished my Block #2 for the BOM Birds of a Feather. I really like how the dark background is looking with the pinks and reds.

Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trip to LQS

I couldn't resist picking up a jellie roll at my LQS. Of course then I need some coordinates to go with it. I found a really nice stripe that wasn't part of the line but had complimentary colours. The floral is also not part of the line but it all works together. On my drive home I was thinking about what pattern to use and I came up with an idea of my own to incorporate the stripe as well. Now when do I have time to do this quilt??? Well after the reno's and kitchen are done I guess. I feel like I'm creating more UFO's without finishing the one's I've already started. Aaarrg, as if I don't have enough to do...I guess it's not technically a UFO until you start cutting the fabric...right? Whew I'm off the hook for now.

Off to paint the kitchen...I'm on my last coat. It's a very big kitchen with lots of fiddly areas to cut-in.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Basket Block #4

I've finished 4 of my basket blocks, the one on the right (Purple Pansy) is the latest addition to the completed pile. I really love how these blocks are turning out, each one is different and it's fun to look what the next block will be.

My Birds of a Feather BOM class is this coming Sat and I'm not finished the 2nd block...oh well can't do everything. I've got the vines to applique and 15 berries to applique as well, not looking forward to all those berries. There will be some time to work on the block in class so that's what I'll do.

I had my last class for sock knitting last night and learned to finish the toe with a "kitchener stitch", it's basically a weaving technique. I really enjoyed meeting the ladies in class and we were all disappointed there wasn't more classes. Maybe we could have a "sock reunion" in the coming months, that would be fun to see how many each person has made. I have 1 sock completed and 1/2 of the other one.

Now onto more painting in the kitchen while the contractors work on the wainscoting in the bathroom. Still not working tub or sink....hopefully soon.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Not Much Quilting Going On

Just got back from a weekend trip to Vancouver Island, I was teaching a class at the Sewing and Crafts Show Fri and Sat. The class went well, the ladies seemed happy with their completed "postcard" (see previous post). After finishing the morning class there was time to browse around the show and then meet DH for lunch. I didn't buy any fabric but I was very temped the whole weekend to get a couple of charm packs and jellie roll, I might drop in my LQS later this week to pick up the jellie roll and charm packs I was drooling over. Is that will power or I'm I just postponing the inevitable...

Not much quilting this weekend but I did catch up on my knitting socks while waiting for the Ferries. One sock is so close to being completed. I got stuck at ending the toe, the pattern didn't give directions, I guess I could just cast off but I don't want to do it wrong, so I'll wait for my class on Wed. I want to spend most of the next class practising with the turning of the heel. No fabric but I did pick up some sock yarn to makes socks for both my daughters. I want to knit enough socks so that I will remember how to turn a heel. I figure one or two more pairs will ingrain "how to" turn the heel and if I don't knit for long periods of time hopefully I will still remember.

On the home reno front...the installers will be here today putting in the counter top in the bathroom. Three months without a main bathroom seems like soooo long...Maybe I will have a working sink today, one can only hope. The tub is not in the hallway anymore but it's also not hooked up to running water. Sigh...

Happy Stitching.