Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What'cha Workin' on Wed

A couple more rows completed for the Halloween Row quilt, log cabin and candy corn. Actually I have all the rows done now, I just need to start assembling the quilt. What'cha workin' on today???
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Halloween is Coming!

I love Halloween, here is some progress on a quilt I started working on this week. The pattern is called "Halloween Row Quilt", it has a couple of mistakes and so I emailed the designer and she was quick to send me the corrects. Here are 2 rows done, the other rows have spiders, bats and pumpkins. It's a fun quilt to work on. In between working on this one I'm still working on my Christmas stitchery with all the reindeer going around the border.

Check out this awesome give-away. It's filled with everything all about Halloween, I'd love to see this basket come to my house....I can dream can't I.

Lula has claimed a comfy spot to sleep while I'm stitching. She sure is funny sometimes, one morning DH and I woke up to find all her toys spread all over our bed, she had spent the night carrying them up the stairs. She'll also take the toys back down stairs to the living room....she can't decide where the toys should's too funny.
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Machine Quilting

It's been awhile since I've been able to post. My husband thought it was a good idea to remove the tool that allows me to upload pictures. He said it made the computer faster by removing it, well the whole exercise had slowed me down. Anyway all is fixed again. I've finished a little Schnibbles quilt called "Little Red", mine doesn't look anything like the pattern, the fabrics are from the Moda's Patisserie line. I used one charm pack with some extra yardage. I machine quilted this on my home machine.
Here is the quilt from my last post all quilted and bound. I rented time on a long-arm machine here. It's been a really good learning experience working with the long-arm. Lee the shop owner is very helpful when I needed her to step in to keep my on track. There are many steps to follow to get a quilt done. I certainly want to do more.

The detail of the quilting on the back, it's an edge to edge design. I used flannel because it's soft to snuggle now that we are getting into the fall.

I'm still working on my Christmas stitcheries....all eight little reindeer are going to take me a while to stitch.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stitching and Fruits

I've been making some progress on my Christmas Quilt, the stitching is done and the quilt still needs pieced borders and some wool applique. The pieced border is 1" strips same as the blocks, I'm kinda slow at piecing small stripes.

Last weekend I tried canning peaches for the first time. It's no fun to do canning alone so I called my husband in the kitchen to give me a hand, he watched over the syrup while I boiled, peeled etc. It started out as a disaster but I got the hang of it near the end. I will try canning again next year. I also made my favourite jam blackberry with a hint of raspberry.

Here's something else I've been playing around with. I'll have more pictures in the next couple of days. It sure is a learning experience, I now have a even bigger appreciation for longarm quilters. You longarm quilter's rock and make our quilts sing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BOM Progress

I've been making progress on my Christmas Stitchery BOM by Lynette Anderson. I still have a stitched border that goes all the way around the centre piece here. A tree goes up one side and Santa with eight reindeer going across the top and down the side. This is a fun project, Lynette's designs are full of every little detail. If you'd like to start your own Christmas Stitchery contact Two Thimbles Quilt Shop.

A closer look at one of the blocks. I used an aged muslin for the stitching.

I had another little road trip this week to visit my Mom. I'm so done with driving, it's time to stay home and work on my stitchery. I also have stitching on the Cheri and Barri Christmas quilt, from my visit to Buggy Barn. When will I have enough time.
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