Monday, November 26, 2007

Basket of Pincushions

Just a few pincushions I decided I needed to make for gifts. These are made using 2-5" circles. Stuffed with polyester filling and embroidery floss used to divide the sections. I thought they needed something a little extra so I made yo-yo's to go under the buttons. If you are interested in making some of your own, visit Whipup for instructions.

Update on Chocolate Swap; I'm still waiting for my chocolates to arrive in the mail...boohoo My partner Annie received the goodies I sent to her. I hope mine from her will arrive soon...yum...yum.

Here's another pincushion using different fabrics.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Little Quilts

So many little quilts popping up everywhere, I couldn't resist making one. This little quilt is from the book "American Doll Quilts" and finished size is 13" x 17". A Simple Girl and Knot Garden have both done several adorable little quilts. They are so sweet and quicker to make than a full size quilt project. I'm definitely hooked on these. The only down side is that these little quilts don't even make a dent in the scrap

There is a small group of us that meet once a month at the same house. We usually go out for lunch but there are times when the host offers to make us lunch. When she makes us lunch it's a wonderful treat because it's always something home made, with the freshest of ingredients. Last month we enjoyed a fabulous Butternut Squash soup and a delightful salmon dip. Our gracious host has offered to make a traditional French Christmas dinner for our next meeting. She'll spend a lot of time shopping at specialty stores to find just the best ingredients for the menu. There will be several appetizers and all the trimmings for our feast. Shopping and preparing all this food is a tremendous amount of work.

So that brings me to the point of this story. I thought wouldn't it be nice for each person in the group to surprise our host with quilt blocks. I found a pattern, picked the background fabric and cut enough background for 12 blocks. These blocks are 8" finished. Each person will make 2 blocks using darks from each of our stash for a total of 12 blocks. The blocks will be presented at our Dec meeting. Our host will be so surprised and really love our way of saying "Thank you" for all her efforts.

Speaking of friends. I received a little goodie package in the mail last week. Carole was very sweet by sending me some chocolates and a cute little tin as well. Thank you are a sweetie.

Monday, November 19, 2007


There is definitely a learning curve when you get a new computer. So now it's taken me longer to do things. The camera is now connected....yippee one hurdle over. The next hurdle is figuring out how to use the new Photoshop S/W. It seems I just learnt how to use the old version, the newer version is changed and so different. I guess, I'll get over these hurdles sooner or later...LOL.Friendship truly does come from the heart. And it's very special when you find a friend that you really connect with. Someone that you can share with and feel very comforted. Quilter's are such a special group who really enjoy sharing handmade gives with their friends. I feel very thankful and lucky when I receive a gift made by a friend. Okay...okay... enough with the mushy stuff...LOL

This teddy bear angel I stitched on muslin and did a small amount of tea dying. The red and yellow fabric is actually flannel. Soft and cuddly friendship pillow. I know....I know no more mushy stuff....
Look what I got from a very special blogger friend. No two fabrics are the same. I love the 30's fabrics, they make such a sweet quilt to look at and always makes me smile. The quilting is excellent. I wish I could quilt like that! Thanks Darlene, I will cherish my little quilt from you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My DH has given me a new computer this week. He carefully copied over all my files and got everything set up for me. What a sweetie he is to me. When I tried to connect the camera this morning....nothing. I've tried to play around and figure it out on my own but it seems I'll have to wait until he gets home to have it fixed. I'm sure it's not something he did, I'm just not doing something right. So no quilting progress pictures to show.

I sent off my Chocolate Swap to my partner in Australia yesterday. I hope Anne will like the chocolate and goodies I sent along.

Have you seen the pincushions Abyquilt has made? She made 8 of these so far. I've made only one so far and I hope to have time to make a bunch more. Here where you'll find the instructions for the pincushion.

Have you checked your Quilter's Horoscope. Darlene posted this and it's really is a hoot.

Aquarius - January 21 to February 18
Aquarius is very gifted and produce exceptionally original quilts. I don't know about this "monkey see monkey do" that's me. But, I do make changes to a project if I don't like what the pattern designer has done.

They are known to invent new techniques that enhance the art form. I don't think so.

They are friendly but their independent nature leads them to prefer to spend time quilting by themselves. Although you can find them in a quilting class, they are the most likely of all signs to choose to learn from books or a video. I've learned everything about quilting from doing. Making mistakes and learning from each one. I take classes only to be around fellow quilters.

However if you ever have a patchwork or quilting dilemma they are the kind of person that you can turn to for help and advice. They are nice and will be thoughtful when making a quilt for friends or family. They will create the quilt with careful consideration of what the individual would like. I like to teach what I know about quilting and it's really exciting to me when a student goes away with learning something new. I will always try and answer a question. Every project I make I think about the person that will receive it and try and personalize the gift.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ta Da

Just a quick post to show my Star Bright quilt top all completed. I'm so impressed that I finished this top in under 2 weeks. The top is big enough for a queen size bed but I feel it needs just a little more overhang so I'm going to add a border. Then off it goes to the machine quilters it will go. BTW the inner border strips took me an entire day to get done. 1" finished was so worth it in the end!

Have a good weekend to all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Star Bright Progress

I've pieced all 26 star blocks. I only need 25 for the quilt, I guess a matching pillow will be nice. I still need to square up all the blocks and add the sashing. I sewed the light and dark 1 1/2" strips of sashing fabrics together and now the task of putting it all together. This was a very quick block to make....well for me to have a big quilt almost finished in 2 weeks, is a really big accomplishment. I hope the sashing will be just as quick to finish...ya right!

I've been having so much fun exchanging 9 patches with Darlene, her post today included the 9 patches I sent last month. We send 20 each month until we have enough. I think Dec we'll be done. Another quilt in self control...LOL. I plan to set the 9 patches on point with an alternating red fabric in between. Here is a sneak peek....stay tuned for more on this quilt.

My list for this week is to finish more 9 patches and My Chocolate Swap to mail off as well.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Star Bright

This is the Buggy Barn class I took last weekend. The Star Bright block is done in 2 stacks of 13 FQ's each, all the lights in one stack and all the darks in another stack. I traced the pattern onto freezer paper and ironed on the top FQ. To cut through all 13 layers of fabric start with a new blade on your large cutter. Works like a dream. The above blocks are partly sewn together.
When both stacks are cut, it's time to do some shuffling of fabric. You can see the darks and lights have been exchanged in each stack. This makes 13 light stars with dark background and 13 dark stars with light background. The centre star is reversed as well but you can't see it because I haven't taken the freezer paper off.
Here is a finished block waiting for trimming. The block will be trimmed to 12 1/2" x 14 1/2". I've now finished the stack of light background blocks.....whew 13 blocks completed. I hope to have time today to work on the second stack of blocks.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'm behind in blogging and hope to get caught up in the next couple of days.