Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome Autumn

The last day of summer I was wearing my shorts and sandals and the first day of fall came the rain and cold. Thankfully the sun has been coming out each day since. I love the cooler days and the leaves changing colours. It's my favourite time of year.

I finished piecing my spools quilt, I started this last spring. It's nice to have this one off my list and ready for quilting.
I'm still working on the Le Jardin blocks, this is the third block. Don't know if you can see I still have a few more leaves to sew down. 
This is the beach on the first day of fall, we had a break in the rain and decided to get out for a little walk. It was so windy that day we couldn't stay for long.

Happy Quilting.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Appliqué

I'm still working on the Le Jardin applique blocks, number 3 is prepped and ready to stitch. These two little applique blocks are a Lori Smith pattern, can't remember the name right now. These blocks finish at 5" so are pretty small. I'm enjoying the reds, greens, cheddar and brown combinations.
The bread and butter pickles are ready. I didn't buy enough pickling cucumbers for some silly reason, I don't know what happened. Only came home with 8 lbs and then DH picked up another 5 lbs for me. I should have had something close to 20 lbs, same as the dill pickles. Next time I'll make sure I get more cucumbers. This will have to do until next year because I'm done and don't feel like making more.

Happy Quilting.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Le Jardin Block

I finished the second block of my Le Jardin BOM. I'm still using the Hugs and Kisses freezer paper, I hope the washing will make the applique soft when it's all done. Has anyone use this product?
The dill pickles are canned, have to wait a month to give them a try.
This is a small sampling of the cucumbers and carrots we are harvesting from the garden. I wasn't sure there would be any cucumbers growing because we were late planting them. They are so tasty in salads, crisp and sweet.

Enjoy the long weekend. I still plan to make bread and butter pickles this weekend.