Sunday, May 30, 2010

House Guest

Meet Kitten our house guest for the next week, he is my daughters cat and I'm taking care of him while she is off camping with a friend. He's just over a year old and very curious and LOTS of energy. Yesterday morning I woke up early and went looking for the cat. On a side note, Lula has no problems with him, she just wants to make friends but Kitten is being a snob. So anyway......back to my little story, I get up and CAN'T find the cat, I looked everywhere AND....... under everything, where could he be???. Then I noticed a few things knocked down in the laundry room. Okay....the cat must be behind the washing machine, I look back there and NO cat.....but WAIT, what is THAT?? a "hole in the wall", where did that HOLE come from??? I've never seen that before. Then I see it.... the unthinkable, "eyes" staring back at me.....WHAT!!! the cat is in the WALL of my house! How did he get in there???? and most important, how LONG has he been in the wall AND how do I get him out????, now I'm getting panicked, how could this happen??? I start trying to pull out the washing machine....I look again....OH NO.....where IS the CAT, I don't see him anymore, he's gone in behind the wall. All kinds of unthinkable things are going through my head, I've lost my daughters cat and will he be stuck in there for.......well.....I won't say it. I ran upstairs and woke up DH in a panic, "Kitten is in the wall of the house!". DH comes to take a look and says "what's the big deal, he'll come out eventually...... EVENTUALLY!!! I want him out NOW!!!. The cat continues to come and forth looking at us and then disappears, each time he disappears I'm thinking "how far can he go and will he NOT come back". It took a while and a little tearing of the lino on the floor and DH gets behind the machine and quickly grabbed Kitten, he wasn't too happy about being dragged out. Very quickly that hole is covered up with a board and LONG nails, there was a little crack open and I said "stuff this towel in the crack", DH thought I was crazy, it just made me feel better to have it all sealed up. So that was the second day of having this cat.....the first day was a minor incident with water on the floor around the toilet and then this morning I woke up to find my back door curtains and rod on the floor....what's next????

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Borders Done

I finally got the borders on this quilt "Cobblestone Lane" by This and That Patterns. I was waiting for a dry day outside to take a picture because I don't have floor space big enough. We ended up getting lots of rain and wind this week. So I decided to try taking the picture at the quilt shop and the bottom is still partly on the ground. Anyway, I'm very happy with how this quilt turned out. Sorry the picture is a bit washed out.
So what else have I been doing you ask....well I'm working on a small quilt for a secret sister challenge and can't show that one just yet....couple more weeks and we reveal what we made to each other. I finished a wool runner which I'll get a picture soon. And I'm working on my wool blocks from this post a while back. That's it for me! There is a newcomer to blogging, let's give Lee a warm welcome to the world of blogging.

Happy Quilting, until next time.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Stitching in the Garden

A whole lot of gardening going on and not much on the sewing front. We've had a pretty incredible warm sunny week, it seemed as if spring was never going to come and here it is!. I'm about three quarters finished cleaning up the garden and about 90% done with planting perennials and a few annuals in pots around the deck. It sure feels good to have most of the garden ready. I stitched this cute little babushka doll pincushion in between getting dirty.EDIT: the free pattern for the babushka doll can be found here, she's about 4" tall.
Isn't this the best bag, I've been using it everyday since it arrived at my house last week. Mary surprised me by sending this wonderful bag to me. Thank a bunch Mary, you are so very sweet to think of me.....I love it!
And look she even included a matching pincushion, how fun is that.
If you don't hear from me I'm still lurking around, just spending a bit more time in the garden. That's if the rain holds off a little longer, if not I'll be back in the house cutting and sewing again.

Happy Quilting.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cobblestone Lane Quilt

I've been working on this BOM quilt from This and That patterns (click on picture for a better view), WOW can you say a tremendous amount of piecing! This quilt not only has pieced sashing (which is not a problem) but it also has pieced setting triangles and corner triangles, neither of which I've ever done before. I must say the instructions are the best I've ever seen, the top went together without any problems, just a big time investment. I still need to trim the outside and add the brown inner border and then the red outer border. I love the look of this quilt.
Lula in her usual position.....napping.

Happy Quilting, until next time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wool Blocks

It's about time I got down to some quilting or in this case some stitching. These are the blocks I finished over the last month while traveling. It's a good thing I had something with me on the flight because those TV monitors things don't always work. I watched half a movie and then it didn't work anymore. I still haven't seen the end of that movie. The wool in these blocks is absolutely gorgeous, Karen has done a wonderful job of making these kits. I love everyone and I'm enjoying every stitch.

A couple more blocks to stitch and I'm ready to assemble. I've also been working on the Cobblestone Lane BOM, soon I'll have some pictures to show.
Happy Stitching, until next time.