Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up

A few of you asked what I purchased on my LA shopping trip. Some patterns I had my eye on and so had to snap those up. The Eiffel Tower quilt pattern was an impulse buy, since I had just vacationed in Paris last spring, I have to make that quilt....very soon I hope.
I was looking for Halloween fabrics and bought a few pieces. Mostly I wanted reproduction fabrics as our local shops don't carry much if any of these type of fabrics.
Look what found it's way to my mail box....oops I just realized I forgot to include the sweet label that came with the scissor fob. Darlene (Quilting Daze) is a very thoughtful friend and thinks of all the details, do you see the charm that says "made for you", I put this fob on my stork scissors I bought in Portugal. I also noticed the flower is very similar to the Portuguese flowers I have in my garden. Thanks Darlene, I will think of you when I reach for my scissors.
I've had fall decorating on my mind lately. I bought this little kit last year and didn't get to making it, so I wanted to make sure I had this finished this in plenty of time to enjoy the season. I love fall and all it's colours. More fall decorating to come.

Happy Quilting.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

LA Shop Hop Part 3

Are we done shopping yet???......No....there are still 3 more shops to show you. Before I drive to Temecula Quilt Co. I needed a washroom break (I'm sure you all needed to know that), on the way there I found The Wool Lady, tiny little shop but very cute and full of wool and patterns. Sorry no pictures from the inside, well that's not completely true, blogger is difficult when it comes to pictures. Does anyone know how I can upload more than 4 pictures to blogger? It's cumbersome to get this many pictures in one post. Just wondering if there is another way I can upload pictures. I use Picasa and it will only allow 4 pictures to be uploaded. Sorry for the rant, lets get to the good stuff.
Next stop was Temecula Quilt Co, I just love this shop. Every quilt in the store is my kind of quilt. Her displays are wonderful and she has some unique ways of hanging quilts. It's a great shop if you are in the area.
So much eye candy everywhere you look.
This is my favourite quilt, it's on the someday list for sure.
The next stop was The Country Loft in San Diego. This shop was the next day when we decided to visit Sea World as well. The Country Loft is located in a adorable old house with lots of little rooms to peak around in.

Out in the back yard. There was a garden shed filled with antiques for sale. I wish I could post more pictures on this dang thing.
These pictures got out of order because of the cumbersome upload thingy. I don't usually post this many photos at once and I don't think I'll be doing it again. This shop is called Scraps and Stars. It wasn't on my planned list of shops but had a little time and found this located Corona.

Are you ready for Halloween???
Isn't this cute, written on the wall in the washroom, we are a Scrappy Bunch of quilters.
Look at this sink all decked out with a picket fence around it and I love the red mail box.

Well that's it for my LA shop hop. I was going to post some fall decorating today but thought I should finish off the shop tour. I had a blast and would love to visit all these shops again. I hope you enjoyed my little virtual tour as well.

Happy Quilting.

Monday, September 20, 2010

LA Shop Hop Part 2

I'm back AGAIN!....the day after my last post I was off on another road trip, this time a 3 hour drive to Tacoma for the Innovations Machine Quilters Conference. This was my first time to the conference and I had an amazing time and enjoyed all the classes I took. I'm definately going back again next year.

So now back to my LA shop hop. The second day of my stay in Burbank I decided I could handle a longer trip to Temecula. The Olde Town of Temecula has many antique shops, specialty shops and garden shops, it's a tourist delight for sure. But my main reason for picking this Olde Town was to stop at Quilters Coop. I spent a lot of time here, you'll see from the pictures why. I hope you enjoy them.
They had everything, reproductions, wool, homespun's, brights, batiks, Christmas, it was all here in one beautiful shop.
All the displays were done very nice.
Lots and lots of quilt sample everywhere in the shop.

We all love our scraps.
More lovely displays, this shop was wonderful. I spent a long time here, did I say that already....
Isn't she adorable, I'd love to take this girl home, it was difficult to resist.
The wool display has so many wonderful patterns and wool.
Would you just love to display a quilt on this bench....I love it.
Most of the town had wooden walk ways around the shops. I really wished I had more time in this town but I had my list of shops to find and I needed to get back to Burbank in time to pick up my hard working hubby.
Isn't this fun, the Open sign is printed on the back of garden shovels.
Aren't these stocking made with antique quilts just so cute.
I hope you enjoyed this part of my shop hop, I'll be back with pictures from more shops I visited....very soon.

Happy Quilting.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LA Shop Hop

My DH had a last minute business trip to Burbank CA and the rest  is self explanatory....while hubby was at work, I made good use of my time by visiting quilt shops, I did have one side trip to Warner Bros Studio but I won't bore you with that. Burbank is North of LA and I wasn't too sure how I could handle the freeways so I decided to head in the opposite direction from LA to Thousand Oaks, I had no idea where I was going but with the GPS it told me exactly how to get to my destinations, no problem. First stop was Cottons and Chocolate where I took all these pictures and stayed I think for 1 1/2hrs, it was a fantastic shop . There was so much to look at and I loved all the wonderful displays, the owner was very friendly, I really enjoyed every minute in this shop. Next stop was Quilt Emporium , these ladies were very friendly and chatty and I forgot to take pictures. Next was Candy's Quiltworks, the shop was huge with rows and rows of fabric, sorry no pictures of this shop, it was getting late and I needed to hurry back to Burbank to get the Studio tour and pick hubby up from work.

Oh look you can see the reflection of the Sugar Cube, such a funny looking car but very roomy inside.
I bought this kit, love the baskets and fabrics used in this one.

The best pattern I bought was this Eiffel Tower quilt, it's just stunning. And since I had just been to France a few months ago....I really need to make this quilt. I think it's a local designer....I LOVE it!

This Fig Tree quilt is a BOM offered at the shop, isn't it just so darn cute.
I hope you enjoyed this little shop tour, I'll be back with more pictures from other quilt shops soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sugar Cube

The last week I've spent a little time getting  familiar with this guy, we bonded very well since she was my ticket to getting around. No I didn't buy a new car....would anyone really want to be caught driving around in one of these silly looking cars?....LOL...just kidding. I bet everyone was laughing and pointing as I drove done the LA freeways. I'll be back with lots of pictures of my own little quilting shop hop around the LA area and yes I did drive those crazy 14 lane freeways and I SURVIVED!  Gotta run....salsa making is waiting for me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Little Stitching

Not much going on this week, I finished this little stitchery and tea stained it. I think it might become something to hang on the wall with a twig as the hanger, haven't decided yet. Today, I was at the fabric store buying interfacing (it was on sale for half price). I needed it for backing my stitcheries and found this cute fabric with pumpkins and black cats on it, of course I couldn't resist bringing home some of the pumpkin fabric as well.

Happy Stitching, thanks for dropping by.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Runner and Fun Mail

The fall table runner is almost finished, just some hand sewing of the binding and veins to add on the maple leaf. This one is going to a friend and her husband is making me a concert maple leaf stepping stone, good barter I'd say.
Don't be too hard on me this is the first time I've tried this type of free motion, I think it looks like the wind is blowing. Now I've got to get my own runner finished, this will look great on my new table coming in a few weeks.
I've said it before blogging friends are wonderful. When I checked the mail yesterday I had a surprise package. Carol surprised me with Moda Candy Bars and a card with Lula's picture on the front. I entered the Bunnyhill parade of pets (Lula is a Dreamer) and Carol grab the picture and made this lovely card. I love them both and will keep that card for a long time. Thanks Carol!. The Patchwork Angels pattern also arrived on the same day, I ordered this pattern because I want to make Purl the sewing doll, she is so very whimsical and I can't wait to make her hair-do with rusty pins.