Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just In Time

This little Christmas quilt is finished, I loved making these blocks all year long. I hope there will be another one starting in Jan. I still have one more Christmas project not completed, with less than a week I hope to have it finished. That's after.....I get the binding on my daughters quilt and knit one more scarf (I've done 3 this last week) and finish a birdie pincushion of my younger daughter. I'd probably would have everything done already..... if I hadn't decided at the last minute to knit a few scarves for gifts.

The Christmas baking is done, my daughter and I baked all day. We have gingersnaps, coconut tarts, whipped shortbread, rum balls and vanilla/chocolate sugar cookies, I think that should be enough for the holiday treats. Like Karen said we are in that "get-r-dun" mode and "I will make it" this year feeling. When someones figures out how it all comes so fast.....let me know so I can slow it down. How about everyone else....are you feeling ready for the holidays?

Warm Winter Wishes to everyone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Everything is working again...Thanks to my DH, I can now upload my pictures. The candy canes looked a bit lonely when I saw this picture so I added some rusty bells after taking the picture. The tree is all decorated as well, now I just need to get some energy to get out there and do some shopping.
It's hard to see from this picture but the flying snowman is scattering snowflakes in the wind or I guess he could be collecting them, not sure which. There are beads on the snowflakes, I don't know if you can see that (click on the picture). This Crabapple Hill pattern was fun to stitch, I can't say the same about the shoo-fly blocks, they were very fiddly.
A close up of the snowman with a bag of snowflakes sparkling in the wind.

I did this punchneedle snowman a couple of years ago, he's attached to a wool pocket filled with greenery and a rusty wire hanger. A few bloggers were asking the question "what do you collect?" well I collect snowmen, anyone else?

Thanks for the visit, have a great day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Since I can't get my camera to download the most recent pictures, here is a picture I took a few weeks ago of Lula enjoying the soft pile of quilts. The flash sure made her green eyes show up bright in this picture. I have to wait for hubby to get home and figure out why the pictures aren't down loading....grrr. Enjoy your day, I'll be back with my newest stitchery completed and a little bit of Christmas decorating. Oh I almost forgot....check out My Brown Bag Studio giveaway, some really cute stuff here.