Friday, August 28, 2009

Road Trip and Class

This is a quick post to show what I've been doing. Driving to Spokane takes almost all day to get there from where I live but it's worth it to find this cute shop. Hubby and I took a road trip to the Buggy Barn. Here is what the shop looks like from the street. Only a quilter would drive so far to find shop in the middle of a wheat field. I signed up for a class with Cheri Payne (Wednesday's Best) and Barri (Bareroots) to make a Christmas Quilt. These sisters have combined their talents for this class with Cheri designing the piecing and Barri designing the stitchery. There is a picture below of the Quilt.
Buggy Barn sign behind the flowers.
Front door to the shop. This is only the second time I've been here and I'm always amazed at how much fabric can fit in such a small space. When you walk in the door it's very intimidating with so much to take in all at once.
Inside the shop samples are everywhere, it's a bit overwhelming to say the least.
Even in the washroom is fabric and samples.
More pictures of the shop. There is so much to see in every nook and cranny.

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I love this old wagon, wouldn't it look awesome decorated for fall with pumpkins all around it.
My class was to make this quilt, I finished the pieced blocks in class. The appliques are done with the most gorgeous wool pieces and the stitchery blocks spell out "Christmas". The class included all the fabric and wool to make this quilt and a delicious lunch was also included.
Bareroots newest BOM pattern with sweet little houses, it really is much better to see it in person.

Cheri and Barri signing books and quilt labels.

Gotta run, I'll be back soon. Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quilt Show

Before we get to the Quilt Show, I must show these 2 pincushions I made. The black and white one was a gift from a wonderful friend, Thanks Karen (no blog) you are so thoughtful and the other I made using the same fussy cut fabric in the center. If you click on the picture you'll see that it's a kitty drinking from a cup. I had fun playing with the Halloween fabrics.
Every year the Quilted Bear organizes a Quilt Walk in the Historical Town of Ladner BC, it's been running for 9 years. After the first year the guys were a bit jealous and so they added the classic car show on the same day, you won't see many cars in my post, it's all about the quilts. Sorry about the glare in the photo's, the quilts are hung in shop windows and it was very difficult to get a good picture. I here you go anyway.
This is the Wish Quilt Homespun Magazine published earlier this year.

Funny ladies having fun, you can't see it but the black bird has scissors in it's beak.
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This quilt is unbelievable, it has every type of fabric sewn in there, batiks, novelty, 1930's, everything and it turned out gorgeous.
I liked the simplicity of this quilt and the colour choices.
This girl made a table cloth using all her Mom's and Grandma's crocheted doilies. Turned out wonderful.

Oh look lunch is ready. I remember going to A&W and having root beer and hamburgers and the person came right to the car.
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Isn't this Bargello just beautiful. It was done by my dear friend Donna, she did a wonderful job of picking fabrics.
I love this Kim Diehl quilt and it's so beautifully done. This lady made this quilt for her son and DIL. I hope they know how much work went in to this beauty.
Close up, the applique is done so nicely.

A fun cheerful quilt.
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Of course the car quilt, sorry the pictures not very good.
Now here is a couple of pictures inside the Quilted Bear. It's a really cute shop. Jenny the shop owner also has a blog, stop by and give her a warm Welcome.
More displays in the shop.

A sweet little display.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Retro Christmas Fabric

The Quilted Bear just received some of the cutest retro fabrics for Christmas. This fabric line is from Northcott called Sherry Berry Holiday. They are just so darn cute and yummy looking, how could you resist that strawberry pink in the heat of the summer.
A closer look at some of the bolts.
I couldn't help myself I had to make a sample for the shop. This is a small table topper using one of the Schnibbles patterns called "A Little Bit Country". I started cutting the blocks in the middle of the heat wave and even took my sewing machine to the basement so I could do a little sewing. Soon the heat in the basement was too much. Now that it's cooler I was able to get this finished. With the pretty colours it sure didn't seem like I was working on something Christmas this early.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cooler Days

I can now enjoy a cup of tea in the morning instead of waking up sweaty and needing a cold shower. It sure feels good to get back to normal after that heat wave.
A few days ago I received a package from Karen. She had a contest to guess the name of her blog and I WON! I've gotten to know Karen over the last couple of years and I had a good idea what she was going to name her blog since she moved from the Yellow Farmhouse to the Red Lakehouse. I was in the shower when I had a light bulb moment about something she said a while back and I knew she would call it "My Red Farmhouse". She asked me if I'd like the new Primitive Gatherings book or a selection of wool, it was a tuff choice but I went for the new book. Her is the cute wrapping she did.
To my surprise Karen also sent along an extra little gift. These plates with quilt blocks painted on them are just so darn adorable. I haven't found just the right spot yet but will have fun looking for the right display, now that it's cooler around here. A big THANK YOU to Karen, these plates are just prefect and I'm drooling over the many awesome projects I'd like to make in the book.
Even Lula is feeling much better, she pretty much slept for days while it was hot. I don't blame her, I wanted to sleep all day too.