Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Needlefelted Postcards

These postcards will be a possible needlefelting class in Mar. It took me longer than I expected to get the inspiration to get going on these postcards. I'm glad they are done now, one more UFO to cross off the list. yippee!!! Oh wait...this project wasn't even on the list. In either case I'm happy to have them done.

I've heard that these postcards can and have been sent through the mail system. For anyone that hasn't seen quilted postcards, they are made with Timtex for stiffness and muslin on the back to write your message just like any other postcard. And the front is made with whatever you like. Machine quilting, wool applique, I've seen many done with machine embroidery, they are "works of art". I enjoy "hand" work too much and don't get into the machine embroidery. I haven't tried mailing them. I would be worried about damage with the stamping machines. I put time and effort into all the projects I wouldn't want to risk it. I would instead mail the postcard in a envelope.

Here is another needlefelting UFO I started oh about a year and half ago...sigh. I will finish sometime. The motifs need to have some embroidery done around to define the flower petals, the bird needs legs and the cherries some stems. Any ideas for what to do with these 5" squares would be very much appreciated.
Have a good sewing day!


Rose Johnston said...

they r lovely....thnx for visiting my site and leaving a comment...im adding u to my blogroll (so i can keep reading) of inspirational sites....hope u dont mind.

Melinda said...

Nice postcards. I have mailed and received 200-300 postcards and have never used an envelope. They are postcards and arrive without damage in 99% of the time. I would not mail them in envelopes - just stick a stamp on them and mail them. People love to get a postcard in the mail!

swooze said...

I want to do a postcard. May have to get you to mentor me. You posted about a monthly pincushion on my friend Beth's blog. Where is that from? Tell me more please!

Pam said...

Those twelwe little needle felted blocks would make such a cute wall hanging. One day I would like to try doing that - I like the finished look of the wool when it is appliqued. Do you buy the wool or do you do it yourself? I have never made the postcards either. Yours are great.

Autum said...

I participated in a postcard swap last year. I made fabric cards and had the same concerns about sending fabric in the mail, so I put mine in envelopes just to be safe. Some were going overseas.