Friday, February 16, 2007

Stitching Done on "Sampler"

I always have a stitchery pattern ready to work on when I'm not at my sewing machine. I can watch TV and do hand work at the same time. My DH always says I'm not watching but I listen and look up from time to time. I think I will look for a frame, it's about 11 x 14 so hopefully I won't have a problem.

My quilting friend who lives a few blocks from my house was over last night. We are working on 2 scrappy quilts at the same time. We are cutting and sewing all the blocks together for 2 queen size quilts. We need to make 60 blocks and have 10 complete. Lots of the blocks are close to completion and then each of us will have 30 blocks for a large quilt.

I've been tagged by Pam to post 6 weird things about me. I didn't forget Pam, just been busy. I don't think these things are weird, just normal for me. Here we go....
  1. I don't like to stay in my pajamas when I get up in the morning, first thing I have to do is get in the shower and get dressed.
  2. I have to put milk in my tea, not cream. Every time I order black tea in a restaurant they always give me cream even if I've already asked them for milk. I won't drink tea with cream.
  3. I love to find free quilt patterns on the Internet. I print them and they go in a pile. I know I will never use the pattern but I print it anyway. When I'm looking for a pattern to use my stash, I think about all the books and patterns I've paid money for and want to get some use out of them.
  4. I don't get manicures. I don't like to have nail polish on my nails. The chipping of the polish drives me crazy. When I tried a manicure, it took about 30 seconds before the polish got smugged and dented.
  5. I have a favorite tea mug that I always use for my morning tea. My daughter gave me the mug with Winnie the Pooh and Tiger holding balloons on it, and it's got my name on it too.
  6. I like to put raspberry jam on my grilled cheese sandwiches. I know what you're thinking but don't knock it until you try it. Make the grilled cheese as usual and then put jam on top...yummy.
I'd like to tag Rose and Carol, both are new to blogging as well.


Carole said...

I thought your friend Pam said to write weird things about yourself? lol Weird would be, I take the tea bags out, hand them on the clothes line to dry and reuse them. Lol BTW, tea should be drunk with milk and not cream, yuck. Milk for me thanks. Hey, I just realized you tagged me! Gosh, I could copy your manicure one. I do not like to have my nails done, no time to sit idle and I cannot stand chipped polish. I'll have to think this one out! Keep well.

Libby said...

Your sampler is just darling.

I love to put grape jelly on my McDonald's breakfast biscuits -- I bet it's the same as a grilled cheese. Just the right mix of salty sweet.

Carole said...

Forgot to post on your sample, very nice. I like folk art. I too keep a basket of hand work, hand applique for me, to work on when I watch TV.

Pam said...

I agree with you on the milk - I like milk in my coffee as well as my tea -- no cream.

Now -- raspberry jam on grilled cheese, that is definitely weird :))

Rose Johnston said...

Love the stitchery!!! I always get in trouble for not watching programs cause im stitching......thnx for tagging me, now i gotta think of 6 weird things about me, shouldnt be hard lol

Sweet P said...

I agree with you on the nail polish, but I would suggest trying a pedicure. I had my first one a month ago and the nail polish stays in place a lot longer than on the finger nails (and there's something secretly cool about knowing your toe nails are painted in the middle of winter).

I think your jelly on grilled cheese is similar to a Monte Cristo sandwich.

Love the sampler!

Judy said...

Quilting with a friend makes quilting even more special doesn't it? Your folk art sampler is lovely and will look great in a frame! And no, your weirdness isn't really weird. I, too, have "special" mugs, like jelly/jam on all kinds of things like little sausages and on and on. Must be the quilter in us? :>)